Hello out there

Dear Cancer
Because of you, I am going to go through the torture of walking over 60 miles in 3 days so that I can help breast cancer awareness and make sure that everyone I know, knows that Cancer sucks. I am going to walk 60 miles for this incredible disease that can rob you of your life at any time. Take away your best friend, your mother, sister and daughter. I am fighting crime! I have to start willing myself not to cry the entire 3 days. I have known many friends who have died, one friend was going to start attending classes at the gym, went in for a physical, found out she had breast cancer and was gone in 6 months... Another, spent her entire life clean and happy, only to be robbed of her beautiful brown hair - she spent a month in europe! you go girl!!
Most of you know me that my friends are near and dear, I dont have many, but I would do anything for them, and there was nothing that I could do for any of them.

Get a mammogram, do your monthly check ups, look for moles, be proactive, eat right, exercise, stop smoking.. do whatever you do so that I do not lose another one of my friends, do not be selfish!

So I am going to have to pitch my own tent... yea... whenever the family went camping I could set up the cooking area, and make sloppy joes and taters for when the BOYS were done putting the tents together... not me. BUT I AM GOING TO DO IT! So for this crappy disease, I am also going to learn how to pitch a tent. I'm going to kick it's ass, or sleep on the ground which ever happens before midnight.

I also found out where I will be showering... in a trailer. I am sure people in floods and evacuation centers have had to do worse, but I am just telling you what a bitch cancer is. If I ever meet it in person... watch out, imma fighting crime!

I have decided, that the clothes I wear each day, I am just going to throw away.. I am sure with the sweat stains and body glide all over it that it is not going to be a pretty sight. I am also taking 2 pairs of socks with me in my fanny pack each day. LOL check out what all I am packing in just my fanny pack...
body glide
2nd skin
a few bucks
porn (KIDDING)
3 pairs of socks
a few vodka mini's (not sure if I am kidding)
a pair of undies, in case I run into anyone cute and want to duck in the bushes (AGAIN KIDDING)
But seriously I was just thinking of wearing t-shirts and those bike shorts, since, unlike some poeple my THIGHS really do rub together, and NO it is not fun.

my suitcase including tent cannot weigh more than 35 pounds.. .so much for packing a light lunch..
All the while I am thinking... what are they going to feed me... I have asked others that have done the walk and no one can remember what they ate.. I mean were they too busy kicking Cancers ass that they just shoveled in the food so that they could go another round???

I am also bringing my purple hat and boa, so that I can be jazzy at the end of the walk, I wont have makeup on, I am sure I will be inches away from pasisng out, but I will feel hot (not the temperature kind) but I will feel hot cuz I helped beat Cancers ass!

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