Too much is never a good thing

So I am sitting here with of course a pounding headache and it is no ones fault but my own. I went to my meeting last night, thinking that I would leave right afterwards to go home and pack for my weekend trip. I did not leave right afterwards, I did not go home and pack and I did not eat anything for dinner. This is a recipe for disaster!
After the meeting, sure we will have one drink. 3 drinks and 2 slim jims later and I going home, there was no way that I am packing tonight, so of course next logical thing, eat cheese and crackers and get on facebook. I have no idea what time I went to bed, but I do remember the pounding migraine in my head waking me up at 3 am with a bout of nausea and tears and no medication in the house. Lovely. I then somehow, gulped about 8 ibuprophens and a gallon of water, then moaning and rocking on the couch, praying for the bad men to get out of my head. I thankfully had a frozen bottle of water in the freezer, which I promptly put on my head and about an hour later I was able to sleep. Headache is still there but my drinking days are over. This was not the first time this happened.
So this morning I wake up to my phone ringing, thanks Brian! I get up start packing, wondering if I will be able to drink coffee today, and promptly fall back asleep. I woke up screaming omg I am late for work! I rush around and pack and shower and make coffee and get online and check calendar and run around and all sorts of stuff. I then get on the road for work!

I forgot to pack:
Advil PM
curling iron
I think that is it so far...

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