Cats are doing fine for those of you who are asking

They play, way too much.
They eat, way too much.
Calvin can jump from my bed to the top of my television. He is very smart though, I told him "no" he walked away, then came back and did it again, I took him and swatted him softly and said no very deep, and he hasn't done it again.. as of yet. I try not to scare them becuase I want Tao to feel safe. Calvin loves to give kisses, and to lay where ever he wants to on you. His favorite is when I am sititing on the couch, and he will lay half on the top of the couch then his front legs laying over my shoulders, and his head resting on my shoulder. Tao, still is the "Oh let me smell your finger and run away" She gets away with a lot since I dont want to yell at her. She still meow's for Calvin, then hisses at him when he does something she does not want him to do. They are so fun to watch. When they get on the counters, Tao understands get down, Calvin I have to stand up in order for him to get down. He is like one of those kids who make you count to three. Magazines smacked softly on the table has stopped their scratching on the furniture, They still love trying to get in the fireplace, I need to get the doors on there! They love laying in the sun, and for the most part they now sleep all night, but are 100% go when they wake up.
Maggie plays with the both of them and she has gotten to where they run faster than she does, so she just lies in wait and jumps on them with all of her weight. LOL. She gives them bathes, and makes sure that they know she is in charge.
Tao, the only time that she purrs is when she is trying to milk Calvin. Its funny to watch, but he doesn't get it. Calvin will purr 24 hours a day. He is a lover. His name should have been Eros. They LOVE playing in the bathtub, and no I have not turned on the water. Speaking of water, Calvin got his first bath. I had a sink full of clorox and water to wash the floors, and I was waiting for the floors to dry. I was sitting on the couch and Caliv gets in his favorite sopt on my shoulder and he is all wet. i think of him playing in his water dish, which they do, but I went ahead and smelled him. Smelled like clorox, so he got a cool rinse bath. He wasn't panicked about it, thank gosh, but he was all like "I promise I will never play in water again!" He liked it when i wrapped him in a towel and dried him. He was all purrs LOL.
They both wear collars now, they didnt like it at first, and I thought about taking them off, but I wanted them to feel semi domesticated. They will have to be replaced, since they play so much the collars already have little fuzz balls on them. I purposely got the collars with the bells on them, so Maggie would know when they were coming.
The only time I get to hold Tao is when they are both sleeping on the picture window, she lets me love her then she wants down, but the time I hold her is getting longer and longer, and she doesnt immediately sprint out of my arms, which is a good thing. She is getting used to me.

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