Cereal is not for kids anymore

Remember when you would choose your cereal based on the toy that was featured on the box? Or how you would drive to every single McDonald's so you buy a million happy meals for the Beanie Baby?

Today when you go to the grocery store, you no longer look at the toys, you look at the price. Many companies have stopped putting toys in their cereal boxes. I have 5 boxes of cereal on my refrigerator with you have a 1 in 10 chance of winning an ipod gift card. A chance, big deal! Where is my free cool toy? Where were the graphics that Disney advertised on Cheerio's boxes with a small train inside? Or the flying saucers that glowed in the dark. With the Lone Ranger gun offer and the Wyatt Earp ring? Some things that we experienced when we were children will never be the same as our children are growing up. How many times did you get yelled at because you opened all of the cereal just for the prizes? That the cereal is now going to go stale and that we are not going to waste the money just so you can open all of the cereal boxes, only to do it again a the next grocery trip.

How about the bazooka bubble gum, where you would save the wrappers and then send them away for a prize, kinda like the green stamps but for children instead of adults. I always fantasized about saving hundreds of them, but never had the patience or the money to keep up with that dream, and of course the only thing that Bazooka Bubble Gum gave me were dentist bills.
Now instead of the Green Stamps for adults, you have the frequent shoppers card, and the Marlboro Miles campaign. You can save all of your packs of cigarettes and send them in for pool sticks, camping equipment and other cool stuff with Marlboro stamped all over it.

You still have the betty crocker points on their food products and also the labels off of soup cans. These can get you a discount for items that you want to buy from Betty Crocker but then your entire house will look like a picture out of a fingerhut catalog. Fingerhut ~ where you can see their signature mark in any kitchen you go to, if there have duck or teddy bear canisters and cups, your thinking in your head FINGERHUT 5 dollar a month payment plan. Hey whatever works right? My mother was a fingerhut activist because that was the only place where she could use credit since she did not have a job. After filling our house with ducks and other crappy looking kitchenware, she moved on to Alden's. That was a Christmas to remember! A christmas supplied by a mail order catalog...

Times sure have changed.

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