I'm just saying....

I have a Facebook account, do you?

Much of what I am about to say are just perceptions and thoughts I have had while playing on facebook in the middle of the night when I have nothing better to do. I am not saying that everyone does all of these that are listed, but think about it...

Do you spend hours setting it up, looking for long lost friends, adding them to your network and then wonder who the hell they are?
Or why did you friend them at all, since you only spoke to them in passing, your senior year of high school, during 5th period? Think about it... I'm just saying...

Do you wonder why someone friended you that you went to 6th grade camp with, exchanged a few letters then dropped off the face of the earth, only to have facebook find you and friend you?

Do you look at pictures of members of your graduating class in high school and think to yourself omg I look so much better than any of them? Maybe I will friend some of these people just so they can see how hot I am in my profile picture that they all will want to be my friends... Think about it... I'm just saying...

Do you then stalk friends of your friends wondering if you know them? Send them an email stating, "hi there, you are friends with one of my friends, do you know me? If so can you add me as a friend because I want to have lots and lots of friends."

Or remember when you called someone a friend it actually meant something... I'm just saying...

Do you wonder why there are so many groups that people join, and why they have not come up with a I hate joining facebook groups that mean nothing?

What do you think about the recommendations that have appeared on the right hand side of the screen about suggesting friends for "facebookfriend". Don't you think it would be alittle weird if you said, "Hey, can you go and friend "facebookfriend" cuz it says that they need more friends.
Or when a group is suggested to you because 4 of your other friends are part of the group?

How about the person who updates every single minute of their life? Can you imagine all of the minutes that has used up during the day typing all of that?
Shower then work
At school,
Home, nap eat...

Okay who cares??????? I mean I can understand it from the teenage sect evolving through Facebook.. but grown adults?
Teenagers now have dating through Facebook, and speaking of which, why do you friend your boyfriend?? When he calls you at night to talk, what exactly are you going to talk about if he knows what time you woke up, went to school, did at school, when you got home, what you had for dinner, what time you said "oh, i love you honey" a million times with a heart behind it all. It's cute and all and I don't mind making the "ewwww" comment... I'm just saying...

How many of you have Farmville, farmlife, fishlife, countrylife, farmtown, cafeworld, farm world, petville, superpets, yoville, mafiawars, mobwars, mafiamob?
How many of you work?
How many of you do this while you are working?
You see where this is going dontcha?
Now, how many of you actually get work done while at work? tisk-tisk! Imagine all of the work hous recouped if Facebook died...
I can admit, I have tried them all, and am totally in love with farmville. I can harvest crops, plant them, plant flowers, have cows, pigs, chickens, bulls, an elephant and omg dont get me started on the trees that I have not killed. It is amazing. Yet, I look outside and wonder why my tomato's in my 'real' life wont grow... With just a click of the mouse, I can harvest, plow, plant, milk, collect eggs, horsehair, and all sorts of stuff. Oh and you should see the amazing buildings that I can build in lightening fast speed. I started thinking about this this morning and I can admit, it is making me a bit sick. I have let my pets starve and have cancelled parties and dinners, because they would interfer with my harvesting of crops. I manage to plant my crops so when I go home from work, I can harvest them. Perfect timing. If you want you can add me as a friend to Farmville :)

Do you notice how some people are like on Facebook 24/7? Kind of like the chat rooms when AOL was really the only thing out there? LOL please don't ask me how I know this.. ahahah.

Instead of National Smokeout Day, they should have a National No Facebook day...

Think about it... I'm just saying!

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