Special decorations

For me, Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. The decorating, baking and being with friends and family is always fun and exhausting but well worth it. I have collected a few decorations over the years that are special to me, and I put them on my tree each and every year with a laugh and a moment where memories come flooding back. I try to pick an ornament each year that signifies what the year has brought, or a special memory. I have no idea what this year would bring, maybe a uhaul ornament. Haven't found one through hallmark yet though!

This Starbucks ornament signifies where Mr. Anal and I met and where we would spend almost every morning we were together, this was of course before we had bills, so now this is saved for special occasions, but I still think of one of our first conversations at a Starbucks!

This is a mouse with cheese, I always would tease Mr. Anal about how he needed some cheesse to go with his whine, and I would call him a 'titmouse' at times. This was during the time that joking and laughter was rampid in our relationship and it was always fun to be together.

Chicken Little, which came first, well at least I know.. this was a great trip and one I will never forget!

The stingray, is something that we got aboard the ship of the first cruise we went on.

I have so many other ornaments, many that remind me of Mr. B but that is another story!

What is your favorite ornament?

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