Adventures of Mr Tater M Tot

Chapter 1

She left the peanuts as planned on the back porch where I can get them easily. I take a nut, examine it and then start chewing. I see her staring at me, and give her the thank you pose.

I then sniff and am asked if I would like another, "don't mind if I do" I say as I gently take the nut in my mouth

She then surprises me by telling me all of her errands that she has to run, and suddenly all I hear is "blah Blah blah blah mcdonalds blah blah french fry", my ears perk up waiting for that yummie salty fry. I debate having one then wind up eating 8 of them

I finally scamper away so I do not have to listen to the lady and I can enjoy my french fry in peace.

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