All weekends end with one of these

A funny story, you know you had a good weekend when you have a funny story and it takes you a few days to write it down!

I have a funny story to tell and it involves a friend. You know how those stories start, you have a great day followed by an amazing night and you spend the entire next day trying to remember/or forget what you did the night before.

It has taken me all week to write this, or maybe to remember all of the details. It involved kareoke, beer, margarita's, vodka and buttery nipples.
It started out harmless enough, we went to a computer show, bought some stuff, admired the snow coming down, drove back home, and at that time we all decided that it would be a perfect day for 'buttery nipples'. Now if you like werther's butterscotch candies, you will love a buttery nipple. We went to the ABC store, got all of the essentials, plus a few non essentials and went to lunch. Had a very relaxing lunch, it was very nice. A great couples day!!!
What happens next may be in pieces. What we should have done was gone home and taken a nap and stayed home to decorate the house. But we went to the Moose, and I helped decorate part of the Lodge, then we started drinking... like I said, we should have gone home.

People have been coming in asking for our autograph, we have come to the conclusion that they want our full names so that they can file a complaint. Last night one of the bartenders that was working that night was telling us how great we were and how much of a good time she had just watching us and trying to save us. We made friends with people we never thought we would. We ganged up on the DJ, became one on the dance floor. I remember one guy kept hiding the song book from me, so I would just get up there no matter who was singing. Trust me people, I do not sing. In high school I went out for choir, I was told, "we dont need none of you". In boot camp, same thing, I tried to tell them I cannot sing, well I was proven correct once again.

We do not remember what songs we did sing, how many shots we had, or how we managed to stay awake the entire time. We do remember how we felt the next morning, and what a great time we had.

I doubt that we will be allowed to sing again, but as a friend said, we tried to say we didn't want Karaoke, we boycotted the moose on karaoke nights, and none of that worked. Hopefully the people who heard us sign, will vote NO on karaoke night at the moose.

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