Is this as bad as it sounds?

I want to go see New Moon. I have determined that my age and that hunk of a boy who is in the movie, with no chest hair would get me 15-20 in a maxium state prison. I have read numerous posts about older women being totally in love with Edward, and now Jacob. I fail to see the reasoning behind this until, *blink* I look at my husband and wish so many times that he would woo me like Edward woo's Bella, or protect me like Jacob protects Bella. I then slap myself into reality and ask the hubby for more weekly spending money, there I am happy.

First off, someone really needs to talk to Bella and tell her that she does not need a man in her life that is constantly bickering with her because everything in the world is, "just too dangerous for you Bella". That in itself is gross, but hell, words and sentences like that has made Stephanie Meyer sells 85 million books world wide. Now, why could I not thought of the washed up vampire who needs some good PR in order to get a fat royalty check? Oh well lesson number 1, women love dead men who have no pulse and cold skin.

Then I watch the first movie again, and crack up when the scene is the baseball field when James and Laurent, and that chick are there and they all start growling at each other. OMG how could they have filmed that seriously without cracking up at each other? I heard that the second movie is just as cheezy. "Now Bella, you know that you cannot hang out with werewolves..." What the hell... let the teenager think for herself! AHAHAH

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