My Son Turns 17 Today

My son, most of you know and love, most of the time, turns 17 today. Here I write 17 things that I love about him.

1. He holds the door open for girls and his mom
2. He doesn't swear in front of me
3. He loves dogs, and I see him snuggling with the cat when I am not looking
4. He has a job
5. He showers every day, sometimes twice a day
6. He will watch scary movies with me
7. He will just sit down and shoot the breeze with me
8. He will pick me up and drive me home when I need him too
9. He will still go to the grocery store for me
10. He has this infectious laugh, and knows how to make me laugh
11. He doesn't stay mad at me for very long, and will walk away instead of yell at me
12. He communicates with me
13. I can trust him when I go out of town for a night or two
14. He treats his elders how he wants to be treated
15. He likes hanging out with me and playing pool
16. He has my eyes
17. He is going to make a great dad and husband some day

17 years ago I was at Balboa Naval Hospital, getting induced because I was exposed to the chicken pox, laying in bed wondering what the rest of my life was going to be like. I didn't even imagine at that time the worms I would find in his pockets, the red cards I would find in his backpack, the puddles I would let him splash in, the mexican food we would share. The walks to and from his elementary school sharing dreams and watching the pigeons dance on the telephone wires, and in the winter, scaring each other with the witches in trees. I never thought that my son would be scared of the vug under the rug, or that he would love scary movies as much as I do.

I think that I did a good job, and I know that I had a few friends helping me along the way.

It does take a village

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