With the holidays coming close and the stress of it all bearing down on me, I am starting to get a bit tired of twitter, ,facebook, blogs, livejournal, myspace. There are so many different social networks out there, and I just want to belong. TO THEM ALL. Every night when I come home I check my facebook, harvest my crops, <*strike>stalk<*strike>, whoops I mean look for old friends and then try to have time to cook dinner, clean, get ready for the next day, talk to friends, eat dinner, go to the gym, watch tv, study and sleep. I usually get 6 hours of sleep a night. Yes I know I am in heaven. You would be in hell if I got anyless that 6 hours. So since I have so many other things to do, I have had to let some things do, myspace was the first... mostly for kids anyways and not many fun games. LiveJournal is seriously going down since facebook came along. I only have a few friends that still post, I may delete my account. I havent even tweeted a tweet for the past 6 months so that is gone too. Enough said, I am tired

On to something more talkable. What is up with all of the commercial supporting a drug in specific during the biggest loser. I understand that people do need medication, I was there once no big deal. But every commercial block it was the same type of medication. I have heard bad things about this med anyways so it already left a bad taste in my mouth. And why was it in the commercial that all of the patients were female??? Biggest Loser supplements... I know that they have to hawk something in order to be with the best, but that is getting a little old too, throw in the Big Mac special at McDonald's or a Taco Bell commerical for a change. Same thinig with Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, they are constantly trying to get you to buy the DCC dvd, like I am going to look like that when I watch the DVD, trust me if I had a chance I would have already been down in the heart of Texas dancing my ass off while singing The Who.

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