Sunday Sunday Sunday

Four day weekends are great and I am glad that I stayed away from the computer as much as I have. I did get online and fart around but for the most part my job was making the king a happy camper. We went out last night for awhile and he went home after two hours and went to sleep. he is almost over this cold. i bought a humidifier for his room and I hope that helps. This is one of those that you can keep on for 12 hours. Perfect! I am hoping he is going to school tomorrow. He needs to, cuz I need the break. We stayed home today and watched billards on the television. It was nice to just hang out with him and relax. I only went to the store, for snackies and we had a few. I have a great dinner for tomorrow night, orange chicken, rice and chicken and veggie spring rolls. The safeway select spring rolls are the best and they taste much better than ones from a restaurant. YUMMIE.

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