Football is now over - I can blog

The season of my son's football year is over for now. Every night it was a different place, at a different time, kid gets home between 7-10 pm, I had to cook him dinner, wash his clothes and ensure his homework got done. Needless to say I did not sleep much. I welcome the rest, and knowing that once I go home, I do not have to go out again.

He is now in driver's education. He tests me while I am driving and I hear a faint tisk tisk when I do something wrong while driving, like not making a complete stop at a stop sign LOL. I just laugh and tell him that is fine, that is how you learn. I plan on taking the VA DMV book in the car with me next time he drives. Last weekend we went to Calleo (warsaw) and he drove down with the boys. When we got to our destination, the boys has many stories to tell about Bryant and his driving. They said he took to the right part of the lane so much that the door mirror could have taken out a few mailboxes LOL. I sure hope not, but I am sure it was close.
Hie report card was mailed out yesterday, should be interesting

I have once again moved, this time into a house, that was much cheaper than the apartment. I am saving about 700 bucks a month and trust me, it was well worth it. It is two story, has a back yard, and a front yard full of leaves, which of course I have to rake. I have two parking spots (Awesome!!)

I need to go shopping, I have almost nothing in the house.

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