Bryant is sick, today is day 2. I have pumped so much fluids into him that I believe he might float away. He has been staying in bed for the most part and hasn't been high maintenance at all. But of course as me te mother, I am taking care of him in the best way.

Thanksgiving was great, I did perfect on the amount of food that i ate, and Bryant didn't eat too much - and I took him home right after the dinner which was at a friends house. He started feeling sick at her house, and then 2 hours later he felt like ass. Well, he didn't tell me that but of course a mother knows.

I went shopping this morning, and got a few things for Bryant for his birthday. He is going to be 16, and I have no idea what to get him. He already has a good wallet, and shaver, a place to put his keys and wallet on his dresser. I cannot afford a car yet so that is out of the question. He has the Xbox and does not want any other game console, which of course makes me happy. If you have any ideas please share

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  1. Anonymous11/29/2008

    Hi Jess!!! I hope the King of Drama is feeling better soon.
    Just thought I would say HI!! REMEMBER ME? The Insane one from RI?
    Just kind of missing you and the rest of the crew. I don't hear from anyone.
    Hope all is well with you.
    By the way, I can't believe that kid is going to be 16. Seems like two months ago he was only 5 or 6. LOL.
    Let me know how you're doing?
    Take care,
    LOVE YA!!!