Just a Rant

I waited and waited to hear something from this company and now, I am very upset.

I scheduled and paid for a weekend scrapbooking get away in April.
I had to cancel since it was too close to my hysterectomy surgery and you know I had to get ready for that by drinking large amounts of alcohol the weekend before surgery, cuz you all know how much I love my spritzers.
I sent a cancellation, asked them not to cash my check and asked them to send me the amount of the cancellation fee.
I NEVER heard back from them...
so I though everything was okay. Okay fine, I ASSUMED and you all know what that entails... so I dont need to say the thing about the ass and u and me crap -

So anyways, I thought everything was okay...

It wasn't

I was noticing a weird pattern with my checking account...
weird pattern being no money in the account. I did still account for the check, since I haven't received it in the mail, like I asked. So thank god I didn't bounce anything OMG

I found out that the check went through, called the company and hence,
the voicemail is full.
I sent three emails in the past two weeks in regards to this situation. NO phone call explaining what happened, no email response. No opps, so sorry to spend all of your fun money, but now we are going to ignore you for awhile to teach you a lesson.

I loved this crop too. I went to it a few years ago and I had the time of my life, meeting new friends and seeing some amazing work done with other croppers.

I do not want to say, I never will go to this event again.

I am hoping that someone died, that this was a complete oversight, maybe they will give me a free "FREE" weekend, while adjusting my bank account mind you.

This is my fault though, I should have spent the million dollars the bank charges to cancel the check.

Since they obviously check their mail box, I am resorted to send them a letter.

Did I mention this crop was for April and the check wasn't cashed till the end of May?

Nice business you all have. I am not going to mention the business here, if you would like to know the company so you too can stay away, you can email me.

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