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Beignets that are warm with powered sugar

I was already full, but stopped at Cafe Beignet with an hour to kill while Brian went to the hotel. I sat down, telling myself that I can eat one tomorrow. I knew we were leaving tomorrow, so I knew I would not get to eat here before going to the airport.

I stood up, and walked to the order counter.
Did you know that you get 3 beignets with an order and that it is only $2.10. I told myself that it was a deal and I had to buy them. I planned on eating one, and putting the rest away for tomorrow.

I ate one, and it was heaven. The powered sugar dropping everywhere. The texture on the outside was very different than the texture on the inside. The inside was like warm fluffy goodness, and the outside has a powered sugar crunchiness and part of it would melt in your mouth while the other part would make you want another bite.

I did save the other two, the lady at the counter gave me a bag filled with powered suger. I tried eating one later on that night, but without the warmth, they just weren't the same...

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