Boudin Balls

We escaped the hot and humid New Orleans weather by scurrying into a place called Huck Finn's. There was a restaurant and bar, we chose the bar area. It was clean and very air conditioned.

After getting something to quench our thirst, we looked at the menu and said we were going to try something new. Neither one of us was very hungry, so we decided on an appetizer.

These were scrumptous looking balls, with a southern pork sausage, rice and other green things, rolled in a ball and of course, deep fried.

The remoulade sauce that came with it was perfect. We ate these up quickly and it was very satisfying to the taste buds as well as the wallet. We had this appetizer, and 4 beers for tweny dollars and some change. The bartender was great and very friendly. She even took pictures of us.

Here is a picture of the boudin balls

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