A funny thing happened on the way home

I have been reading other blogs and noticed a pattern of horrible air travel, so I had to put my story in here so other could read.

We flew to New Orleans nonstop. It was on US airlines and it was the perfect flight, no hassles no problems and NO waiting. I won’t mention the baby that was in the same row as we were. He of coursed fussed, but he was so cute, I laughed when he hit Brian over the head with a toy. He finally settled down in his Tylenol induced sleep and was out!

*insert all of the fun stories about New Orleans here*

So the way home we expected the same leisurely flight.

We get to New Orleans airport and it was so small. There was no line in our airlines but the southwest counter was out the door.

We checked in, wondered if we could get on the nonstop flight since we had a layover. We should have fought for a seat on that flight. We were now through security and sitting for two hours before our flight. Of course I had to have one last order of beignets and coffee.

That took 30 minutes. There was nothing to do in that airport, and it had that funny smell to it. I am attributing it to the humidity and dampness of the area.

We got on the flight, pretty non eventful and went on to Charlotte where our connection was for DC.
We had 20 minutes to make it to our gate for the connection. As we were walking to the next gate my phone rang, 800 number so I ignored it. Then Bryant calls me and tells me that the airport called and let him know that the flight was delayed. He was telling me this as we were looking for the time, on the monitors and seeing that there was an hour layover. I realized then that the 800 number that called me was in fact the airlines.

As we continued walking to the gate to find out what was going on, my phone rang twice more telling me of even more delays. Once we get to the gate, they said that the plane was in FL stuck due to mechanical issues. I didn’t mind that at all, fix the damn plane, I want security while I am up in the air in a tin can flying with hundreds of people.

We went to have a beverage, and waited and waited. My cell phone continued to ring every 20 minutes or so with another “we regret to inform you that your plane has been delayed” automated message. By the time we finished a drink, we were not leaving till 7:10. Our 355 flight was now delayed over 3 hours. We went to the gate with all of the other unhappy flyers. Another plane landed at the gate and people got off… another flight took off…

We went to customer service just to be told that they have no idea what is going on while they are looking at us with confusion trying to figure out why we are in a panic. Blank stare, deer in the headlights look on a few of them.

We contemplated renting a car and driving home, but then we would still have to go to the airport to get our luggage so we then just waited it out, and waited some more.
We were sitting in the walkway, people watching when I called Bryant to let him know what was going on. Well, as soon as he answered the phone I said, “what are you doing?” Well, some guy must have heard me while he was throwing away the garbage and started telling me what he was doing. “Well, I uh was just throwing this away in the garbage right here, uh I’m sorry” Wild, I tell ya. I was laughing hysterically. Get off of the phone with the son, laugh some more and watch the man with interest while he went to other people and shook their hands and started talking. I think he had a few too many beverages.

Oh then guess what? They closed the runaway because of lightening. That’s great. Okay so another hour goes by, it’s around 830 and the plane finally lands, unloads its weary passengers and clean it. They finally allow us to board and we land at the airport around 1030 pm.

What a waste of a day!

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