Doctor's visits are looming ahead

So with my 40th birthday, I see a few doctor's appointments in my future. I am getting new insurance soon and I am actually looking forward to seeing what my options are. I need to make an appointment for my back, dentist, eyes, and of course the girlie's need to be checked out. So I think that this will keep me busy for the rest of the year =-)
I am not big on doctor's most that I have seen are all like, "Well, lose a few pounds and see if the problem persists". So in order to get fixed for my problem, whether it be knee, back, strange rash on my arm or creepy crawly things, I need to make sure that I am already ten pounds less than the time before, thus eliminating the second visit and the second co-pay. I swear, the doctors office should be paying us to show up. We primp ourselves, shower, bathe make sure we smell good, brush our teeth, lather, rinse and repeat. We make sure that we are dressed nicely so that we are taken seriously, yet in the thinnest clothing so that we do have the ten pound weight loss, so that once again we can be taken seriously. The troubles we go through.
Word of advice, if you want to be seen for depression, don't do any of these things and you will get your drug of choice! (Yes, this is from experience I even went in an unironed shirt). I wanted something to make me happy without the doctors think that the husband was at fault or that the error could be rectified. It was just too much for me and I was stressed all of the time, with the moose, school, family, friends, bowling, pool, dog, cat, car, work, store.... I was a bit stressed. I needed something to revive me. I went in, talked with a doctor and was given a great helper, which took some time to get used to but it helped clear up my head so that I could actually organize my torential downpour of thoughts.
Anyways.... quick "Oh look a bunny" moment for me.

Needless to say, I have to END THIS POST!!!

By the way... there never was creepy crawlies, I just wanted to make you all shiver!

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