As soon as I opened the front door this morning I could smell it. It wasn't as strong at first till the first breeze came up then the pugnant smell of the last air of summer appeared. I have seen it coming for a few days now, last minute vacations and no one in town, the mall was packed with kids getting the last discounts of the back to school sales, hoping that the store did not run out of their size. B-B-Q's and families together for one last day of summer fun and relaxation. You can start to see a few leaves on the ground, an overcast day and maybe a few sprinkles in the air. Definately, summer is gone and fall is just around the corner. Last minute people at the grocery store buying enough food to feed a third world country and making sure that they have enough prepackaged meals so that the children can feed themselves. I was one of them, looking for deals with pop tarts, granola bars and quick meals for when the starving child comes home real quick. I also noticed that many of the employees at the store were happy too since some of them were getting triple time. I need a new job LOL.

I have been reading blogs of people whose children have already gone to school, how they are trying to manage the time of school, sports, homework, while trying to fit in a healthy dinner and family time while trying to get them all to bed at a sensible hour. This goes on till Christmas vacation and then a 2 week hiatus comes just in the nick of time.

Bryant is working on his last day of summer, and did not complain of missing the last picnic or BBQ of the summer, or hanging out with his friends at the mall or at their houses. He hasn't recieved his schedule yet, so he will be one of the kids at the counseling center awaiting his schedule. Like his seal of faith if he is going to have a good year or a bad year. I think that over the summer he has grown and learn that no matter if he likes his teachers or not, he has a job to do. I hope that he learns how to enjoy these last two years of school and looks for the good things in people around him rather than dwelling on the bad incidents.

I for one am looking forward to the school year, I can start thinking of the holidays, and how I am going to decorate the house. I think that this is going to be one of the best years that I have had. I am going to work hard at it and just think of family.

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