And how was your weekend?

I just talked with my team captian for the walk in October and she told me that it looks like we will be the only ones walking from the team that we started with. That's okay, I would feel kinda bad right now since I HAVE NOT been training if they had to walk slower to appease me. We are going to decorate our tent and I hope she knows how much I love taking pictures. I think one picture for every mile would be good.

This month is going to be a bootcamp month, I have to get back on my walking asap. I have homework night tonight, but I think I should be able to sqeze a two mile walk in and some total gym time for my back. Yea why not. I figure if I can get up to ten mile walks three times a week by the end of next week I should be good.

Bryant went to school today and he would not let me take a first day of school photo. I will get one if I have to take one of him while he is sleeping. I only get to do this one more time, since I am hoping that he will be on his own after high school. I can see it now, I will take a picture of him on his first day of boot camp LOLOLOL. We shall see, my camera has been known to travel.

What a wonderful weekend.

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