I forgot to tell you about my awesome sewing machine

So about 3 months ago I bought a sewing machine from HSN, I love their flex pays. Anyways, I bought the Brother brand, that sews, quilts, and embroiders. I was so excited and was reading up on it and watched the video that they have on the HSN website.

So the machine came...
and so it sat.

1 week later, it still sat in the box and I would come home from work, sit on the couch and stare at the box, wondering if I was going to be able to handle all of the grief that I had with my first sewing machine. One person remembers my experience with sewing, and that was my mother in law at the time, in fact she came out from Missouri, and helped me try to sew a shirt for my first husband. Oh my gawwd, if you would have seen it when it was done you would have been laughing your butt off! That one shirt caused so much heart ache, tears and screams that I never used it again.

So the machine came,
and so it sat.

2 weeks later it was still in it's box and still all wrapped up. I debated on sending it back many times, but all of the sool electronics were just calling me, I just wanted to sqeeze it and hug it and take it to bed with me. So I went to the HSN website and again watched the video... and watched it again. Doesn't seem so bad, so I took the tape off of the box, and opened the lid.

So the machine came,
and so it sat.

I was doing my bills and went to my online banking and noticed that they already took out the first payment for the sewing machine. I could not believe that it sat in the box for 1 month already. It was amazing how afraid of that thing I was, but I stil loved the shiny stuff and all the buttons. So I walked over to the box, the box that I might add took about 1/4 of my living room, and opened it up, took everything out, and cut and folded the box for recycling and took it outside so that I would not want to put the sewing machine back in the box. I know many of you are thinking that "OMG, she did not save the box, what happens if she needs to return it?" Yea well I thought of that too, but I wanted to face this tiger head on and I knew I could find a box to ship it back if I had to. So I then unwrapped everything and was looking at the 300 page manual that came with the machine and whimpers started coming out of my mouth. There were trace amounts of tears in the corners of my eyes. I didn't want to continue, but like on a Sunday afternoon when we are playing pool for first or second place, you must find it within yourself to forage on and be brave.

I was able to put the entire machine together and plug it in without it blowing up, sparking or giving me a run time error. I was excited. Once I figured out how to thread the bobbin and place it in the correct place right side up, and I was able to thread the machine so that it could thread the needle itself.. omg I was in heaven.

I have already made a ton of things and will be making a bag next. I want to see how well I really will do...

So the machine came,
and so it did sew..

but I haven't played with the embroidery yet.
So it will just sit.

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