snapshots of my weekend trip

So we got out of the city early Friday evening, hoping and praying that we would not hit any traffic! On a Friday night, going to the beach, you figure those odds. Guess what?? The prayers worked and we had absolutely no traffic! It was great to get down there, and I took my laptop and got some homework done while in the car well, until dark anyways. I then had to play on the phone, hoping to get the network so I could update facebook and having a few hernia's when I would get the update "NO network available" Once we stopped to eat, I was able to post updated information of where I was at so that anyone could go to my house and break in since we weren't going to be there all weekend! I didn't think of that till it was too late, but I came home to a house I left in the same condition. I was hoping someone would come in and clean it. I have things strewn around all over the place. I am sure if anyone did break in, they would break a leg trying to get around.

School is going well, I am in love with my classes. They are fairly easy, and I am learning the new content well. Since it is online, I cant check out anyone in the class or have coffee and discuss any politics and such, but it is nice to be learning something new and helping my brain!

Starting to get in the mood for fall and baking!

With that, I leave you with some photos from the vacation. The Shriners were in town and we went to their parade!

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