First week of school

The first week of school is almost over for my son. He has been going to school, coming home eating whatever he can fit into his mouth and then running off to work till 8-9pm then he will find me where ever I am, put in an order to go pick it up and go home and try to stay awake for an hour or so. He did this tonight, we texted back and forth about what he wanted for dinner, what time he was getting off of work and I told him to text me when he was on his way to collect his dinner. He told me to surprise him with dinner and I did. He decided to stay and eat with the boys and hang out for awhile. He told me earlier that he had some homework but it was short and sweet and if I could help him with it, he would stay a bit longer and hang out with the grown-ups. I thought that it was nice that a 16 year old, instead of going home to eat, sleep, play WOW, get on facebook or Xbox, would rather hang out with the adults. Even though he didn't spend any time hanging out with me, he was there.

When we got home, I got on the computer as he was pulling out his outline for his homework and he went to take a shower. When he came down I was putting the finishing touches on his letter to his teacher (the homework). I was amazing that I could still recall so much about him, while typing lightening speed. I was glad that he came up tonight and I wanted to show my thanks to him, by helping him out. We, as parents do not have to discipline as much and none of the long lectures about safe driving, sex and being nice to your friends hardly exist anymore, so you long for that talking time. I some times feel as though he is slipping through my fingers, and I dont want to rein him in, but he needs to take baby steps towards independence. I thrive for the moments that Bryant will come downstairs and just sit down and start talking. I could be watching the season premier of any show, and I know that I have to turn the television off so he has my full attention. I can record the show, I can't record the small talk that comes so rarely from my son. He talks about his teachers, how the kids are in his class, if he is going to be talking in the class, and how he feels that he is going to do.

Even though they are small conversations, they hold a huge place in my heart.

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