Turbulent times

Yes, even I get frustrated to the point of disgust with my son. Yesterday he comes home from school, I worked from home so I was there when he saunters in and grunts at me.... grunts WTF?? I ask him how his day was and another grunt. I was losing my patience with him. I then ask him what is wrong, and he says nothing really snotty. (Okay if that was me, my mother would have beat me into next week.. anyways) So then he goes into the kitchen looking for food and telling me he was going to walk over to the sub shop. I think not I tell him, I just spent 200 bucks on food and there is dinner in the crock pot. He gets all moody but I am hungry now, I did not eat lunch. Okay is that my fault? nope! SO then I say well I gave you money to eat at school and I am not going to waste money that we do not have to satisfy your sub craving, go make a sandwhich. OMG he says... OMG i think I am really going to slap him silly. Then I give him a list of options, only to hear OMG I dont want to cook. LOL I say welcome to my life. So then he stomps upstairs with a muffin, and disappears into the abyss. I ask him if he still wants to go to the store to get thie hoodie I told him I would get for him if he waited till I got paid. He says yes give me a minute. so then he comes downstairs and I am about ready to tell him to take his butt to bed till he can act human. We get in the car, and suddenly I let loose telling him how he is taking me for granted and that he needs to be nicer to me if he expects me to take him around town, on my gas, in my car and spending my hard earned money on him. INSTANT 180 turn then. We talk and resolve issues from earlier, and 5 minutes later he has me laughing, he is also laughing. Sometimes I wish he didn't have to go to public school. 13 years later he still comes home with an attitude that I have to take with a grain of salt until it subsides. I would love to homeschool him, there is so much out there that he could be learning that would do him more justice that just learning what is going to be on the state tests at the end of the year. He also would not have all of the peer pressure that he is dealing with. He is a cute kid, has lots of friends, and knows right from wrong... but there is still a pressure to keep that status and remain in some control over himself. I am glad I am not his age now, and I try to tell him that his friends aren't going to be paying his rent or supporting his family when he gets older and he needs to worry about himself. It's so hard. But of course I am ready for battle.

Have a great weekend. I am going to!

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  1. Nice job Mom!

    I find it hard sometimes to stay with it and keep the boundaries.
    you did and look, you ended up closer!