As I am trying to save money...

There are things that I refuse to scrimp on. After Friday's episode with a container full of wax, I will now afford the 8 bucks to get my eyebrows done. You dont think that is alot, but I have to get it done every other week, which equals 16 dollars plus tip so make it 20 every month. That 20.00 can get me to work for a week, buy almost a weeks worth of dinners, definately a weeks worth of breakfasts, or lunch for my son for a week. So to many of you twenty dollars is not a lot, but to me and many more people out there, it means more than a lot.

So anyways...
Friday night, I am dying my hair and that is going well, I purchase Loreal 2 boxes and some wax for my eyebrows.. I am thinking I can do this... I can put hot wax on my face and rip it off in seconds, without pulling all of the hair from my eyebrows. I put the small container of wax in the microwave for 15 seconds, checked it out still rock hard, so I do it again, and again... oh dear, I take it out of the nukeoven and it is boiling. Well, I sure as hell am not going to put this on my face now. OMG. I am chuckling to myself thinking yea right. So then I read the directions and realize that they do not include the little cloths that rip the wax and hair off of your face. They bascially want you to grab hold of the wax and rip it in the opposite way your hair grows. I again see the word "painfree". This must be magic I am thinking to myself. The wax finally cools down, and I take the applicator dip it in the wax, and proceed to cover the bottom of the eyebrow and then OMG PAIN.. the wax drips off of the applicator and on my eyelid and eyelashes... Instead of running out in the middle of the street screaming in pain and wondering how the hell I am going to get this stuff off I run to the kitchen sink and throw the stuff in the trash. All done. I go back into the bathroom and look at the mess I have created. Ok doesnt look so bad, I read the directions for a solution to this and it reads, baby oil will take off the wax. Ok so I have no baby oil and I think a trip to CVS in this condition is not in the cards for me. OH wait I do have cooking oil... that might work. So I proceed to wipe as much of the wax off with cooking oil... and all of this time, my hair still has the dye in it.

I get some of the wax off my eyelids. I then spend 10 minutes picking at it and wondering how I am going to get it off of my eyelashes. Upon closer inspection of my eye lashes, there are only a few specks on the hairs, but the specks, look like... lice eggs. OH GREAT!
No time to think about that now I have to get the hair dye out of my hair. That came out without any tramatic consequences. Loreal is the only hair dye that will cover my stubborn grey for more than a week.
I went out that night, and I had fun all the while thinking if that person can see the "lice egg" in my eye lash.. heh

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