OMG it has been so cold here. Not as cold as other parts of the country, but cold enough to make me want sunny San Deigo. Did I mention San Diego? I cannot wait to go. I get out of Virginia in 16 days, and am in Torrey Pines for a glorious 6 day stint. I cannot wait. Did I mention that also, that I cannot wait to go?????

Watched my tivo shows this morning, and the Biggest Loser is very different this season, and I am enjoying it. I cannot believe all of that work that they have done that some of them only lost 1-2 pounds. The lady that I wanted to get kicked off the show did not, I feel that she is not trying hard enough, there are a million people that would give anything to be on that show and she is just throwing it away. She should have just taken that money and left. Oh well.

Sit ups are increasing and every other day that I do them I do more and more. It is exciting, even if it is just 1 extra sit up or push up that I am able to do. I got very discouraged with the push ups and put that one on the side for now.

Bryant - I met with his teachers and they all have positive things to say and he should consider himself lucky with the teachers that he has, because they all love him and would love him even more if he would turn in his homeowrk every day. So we started a regime at home and hopefully he and I will stick to it. He came up with the idea as I was yelling at him on the phone and threatening to take away everything that is electric in his room. He jumped in real quick when i mentioned no car, with "mom, i will start studying for 90 minutes each day. Then I asked him to do the homework when I got home and in the same room (living room) so I could watch him. And that is how we compromised. He hates homework so I have to compromise some how, unless I want to take out a second mortgage and send him to some center like sylvan or huntington. We went in for the initial test to get some tutoring and by the time we walked out they wanted us to take out a loan on our house.. I am thinking... umm no thanks.

I get the dog this weekend, she comes tonight and stays til Sunday. *Smiles*

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