Children are spoiled

Yes, that they are. I get a phone call from my next door neighbor at work, saying that my son forgot his keys. He was allowed to stay inside her house, and she was willing to drive him to another friends house so he did not have to sit out in the cold.

What is wrong with this picture? When i was a child, and I forgot my keys I had to sit outside in whatever weather was there and wait for a parent to come home. I was not allowed to go to the neighbors, since their life was much busier than mine and they just cannot be bothered. That was part my mothers fault though, I was convinced I was a nuisince to all around me. So, I would have to wait. And gosh forbid I had to use the bathroom, oh well... I had to wait. Think I forgot my keys again?? I think not!
He should consider himself lucky to have neighbors like that and also a mom like me =)

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