First real day on the diet

Ok so last night after work I went to the grocery and shelled out enough money for a months worth of regular food, with 1-2 weeks of diet food. The killer is, is that it wasn't really anything I wouldnt have eated before... greens, veggies, chicken.. I bought a few things for the boys so that they were not exposed to my eating habits.. although I am changing margerine on them. I spent a half an hour getting my breakfast, lunch and snacks ready and what do I do??? I leave them in the car. I am sure it will still be good when I go out for a break, smoke break that is. I am also cheating already and having 1 cup of coffee (caffinated) I cant go cold turkey.

Damn if I were to read this I would think that I have major issues... do I have major issues?/ Other than, I cant go out to the moose with the ideal of getting wasted, I cant smoke in extreme only because I dont want to hear anyone tell me how bad it is for me when I have already given up bread, carbs, real cheese, carbs, bread...

Oh well. With my V-8 in my tummy and a few peices of egg and bacon I am ready to start working with full force.. waiting for the impending doom of the headache!!!!

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