Just another manic Monday

Planning to start the wonderful diet of no bread or fruit tomorrow. I have to hit the grocery store today after work and I am hoping that I will spend less than 100 bucks. We will see, it has been so long since I have done the diet that has done nothing but give me a headache and of course the classic constipation. So I will be a living biotch for the next week... no bread.. no zoloft, no caffiene (Although I am purchasing some Excedrin so that I have some caffiene) I have co workers that might in fact kill me if I do not have caffiene.

I lost weight the last time that I did this diet. But of course, I would go to Food Lion on my way home to pick up the chicken and lo and behold 6 krispy kreme donuts wound up in my car. I would not know how in the world they got there but damn if they didnt wind up in my mouth all gone in the 10 minutes it took me to get home.

I have wanted to write for a long time and now I am thinking that if I journal my life while a part of this prison it should help. granted I know this is what i need in order to lose weight so that my ankles, kneecaps and fingers will stop huritng. So that my husband can sleep at night since I wont be snoring. Holy hell batman I have alot to do.
I figure if I can get through the first two weeks of this without cheating or killing someone then I would be doing ok and I might stay on this diet for a few weeks and see what happens. I need to lose 100 pounds.. I cant run until I lose weight so if I can lose enough to be able to run again.. I will be rocking.

The husband will of course be an ass.. omg what the hell is this..?? it looks like green string... umm celery you idiot now support me on this diet or die is all I can say.

I will promise to write in my journal every almost day. Whether I have cheated or not. If I have killed or maimed someone you will find a confession (not signed) on here. And please what ever you do

Dont even ask me to quit smoking right now dammit!!!!!

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