Now departing Jessica H......

Ok so we had to have a webcasting for our monthly meeting today, I thought it would be cool cuz then I could like listen and do other work while not being rude, so here I am phone on mute, listening to people come on and depart and then blah!!! My boss calls, so then I pick up the phone, which in turn disconnects me from the conference and it hung up my boss. Too funny. well the boss calls back and I act like nothing happens and I dont even bother to get back on the meeting because it annouces when you arrive and also depart. Not something that i want to live through.

Oh ok.... so the diet thing... well it is going... going to hell in a handbasket. I have determined that I cannot go without my bread or fruit for that matter. So I think that I am going to do healthy for life. I like the recipes, the book is easy to read. You get to eat bread and also fruit YUMMMOOOOO.
I have cheated like hell on the south beach thing... while throwing out the bad food in the house, I have been taking abite out of each thing before it goes in the garbage.. ok pizza... take a bite, then the donuts.. take a bite.. then the bread rools.. but I had to put butter on them so I used my smart balance margerine, so I am starting to succum to the treasured ideals of dieting. Isnt that just peechee.

Plans tonight - moose of course... then a beer or two heh... some tacos... Lite beer, and shells for the tacos, nor real cheese so there....

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