Weekend recap

Well the weekend was good, very boring but good. I was thinking that I have not had sex since November.

I think by listening to my son ask questions about sex, girls, sex, money, sex, and other things unremembered that I have been abstaining to teach him that abstienance rules!!!

He first asked me is doggie style is anal sex. I said no. I did not say anything else until provoked. I did not make eye contact, yes I wanted to avoid this and just tell him, "Say no to drugs and sex", but I had to make sure I was as open as I could be and of course I could hear nothing with my head buried deep in the shag carpet.. speaking of which, who spilled the koolaid. Koolaid was so much simplier time, laughing and kissing boo boos. I get slapped back to reality when he says, "Well, what it is?" What is what I ask... you know... doggie style, omg I had to go there, why cant he wait till his father comes home?

Ok I manage to tell him, next thing I know he is rolling around on the floor giggling and uncontrollably drooling. Whew, there is no way he is having sex any time soon if he still laughs like that. Whew!!! BUT then came more questions. how to cats do it.. where is the penis on a cat or dog... cuz if it was long enough then it would rub on the cement...

Not too shabby. OK next question he asked for this week...

Hey mom there was this kid who had was holding two blue balls and the older kids we laughing at him. OMG...

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