Wonderful memories

So I was reading a post on another blog that I read religiously, and she was talking about how her son fell off a stool and landing on his head. God, as soon as I read that I was floating back in time to when I moved into a house in Idaho, great house right on a creek, and I was in the kitchen unpacking all of the crap I owned. Bryant was 2 at the time and he was dancing in the living room to the music that was playing (Actually it was Barney but I try to block that out of my mind as well) and all of a sudden I heard the noise... a huge thump... the silence... I stood there in the kitchen and waited... scared to go out and see... then fast forward the screams started and I awoke from my shock. I ran to the living room and saw the blood squirting from his head like a pulse and Bryant was crying... I scooped him up and took him in the kitchen. Thank god all of my teaching came handy and I knew that head wounds bleed alot.. ALOT.. so then I held a towel to his head and consoled him. All the while I am thinking in my head omg it is going to take me 30 minutes to get to the hospital and I have no idea where it is. I then got the bleeding to stop and took him to a grandmotherly figure who had raised 4 boys. She was awesome. She said that he could use a stitch but he should be ok, not to let him sleep for awhile, watch his eyeballs, and watch for puking etc. and dont give him any drugs for awhile.

I think that was the most that he had scared me like that.. well until he sliced his hand open on a rusty nail in a tree.. or when I thought he had appendicitis and we go to the Ft Belvior ER only to find out my son has enough poop in him to create his own memorial... bit that is a different post!!

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