May is almost gone???

Where has the time gone? This entire year is moving too fast and to top it off, Bryant is now counting down the days till summer, like he has some great trip he is going to go on, or some excited life he is going to lead. Doubtful.

Brian went to play golf on Sunday, it was funny to hear the stories and of course Mr. H had them dimples going on!!

I think that I am going to write about the Moose. Funny stories of course...

this would be chapter 1

When I am talking with friends who have no idea what i do on the weekends they think that my life is full of exciting stories and commentary about the people around me. I am the water cooler, they come to me to hear about what people their same age do on a Friday and/or Saturday night. Well, this Tuessday was no exception. I was getting ready to start digging into my emails when I get a "ping" I look on my Instant Messenger and see Type A personality write, "I am not in a good mood, please humor me" I knew exactly what she wanted, she is like a dog waiting for the biscuit, on the hind legs, drooling, slight whimper. Type A personality was in my clutches, all the while I am thinking, shall i tell the truth, embellish, add a cute guy?

Friday night I went to the lounge, sat up at the bar with a friend and proceeded to have a beer. I brought a few bottles of vodka with me but I wanted to taste the ice cold beer going down my throat, my dry throat, yumm. When you are sitting around the bar - or any bar for that matter. you start listening to the people around you talking. Most of them you know since it is a family bar, and you know most of their family. It is nice in some aspects but then in others it bad because then they know EVERYTHING!!! Hello - leave me alone. Anyways - The lady behind the bar is cool and she is very nice to be around but she alos has that hollerier that thou attitude that is finally getting on my nerves!!! She is listening to everyone, added her two cents, and when I want to say hello dont you have a bar to wipe down, an ashtry to empty or something that will keep you from listening to everyone's conversation...

Then there is the cook. The cook cannot be names because it changes all of the time. Most of the time you have men volunteering to cook, on taco night, pizza night and Monday night you have guys trying to hid from their wives by coming up to the Lounge to cook. They also listen in with a great might and try to find out gossip. True gossipers at the Lounge are the women, for some reason they do more than just wash their hands in the bathroom. As the water runs so do their mouths.

You also have the managers and other staff. Most of the are ready to retire, and no one knows what they will do when these people are gone. You have the Big Cheese, who will do anything for you, no matter what. She is kind and a hard worker. She is also Big Cheese of the saga's that develop at the Lounge. She knows all and is the solver of all Lounge problems. She can go back 50 years when the women were not allowed in the Lounge or how when they were allowed in, they were not able to sit at the bar.

There is more - for another time perhaps......

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