I am reading this one blog about losing weight, and maintaining it. She was stagnant like me nad very busy again like me and yet she always found time to exercise and eat right. She has 6 kids I have 1. You do the math.

Now I am snoring and weight close to 250. This in itself makes me feel very sad and unresponsive to anything but another cheese sammich. I need to do something. My knees hurt, my arms are numb at night, my back hurts and I havent run in a year.... at least... I read all of these other blogs about how easy it is and how fast that they lost the weight and that makes me even sadder. I did it once, lost lots of pounds, had the best legs of my life and looks really really good no matter what a wore... ok so my friends courdory jacket kinda scared Brian off the first and only time I wore it in his presence.

I don't know when I am going to start this... I dont want to use pills, but I need to go to the store and get chicken, good food and some good walking shoes... I have a MP3 player for some good music and I can fix my pedometer (Batteries).

So when am I going to do this... I can exercise - before work - on my lunch break - after work.. i dunno... before work and lunch break would seem to work the best... On the weekends I can go to the trach and run/walk laps.

Eating is the hard part - i always want to eat what the hubby is eating.. whether it be ribs, fast food or whatever. I need to do this for me and with or without his support I need to focus on me. Maybe I will meet some awesome handsom guy *swoon*

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