Halloween Night

My son thinks that he can go around the enighborhood getting free candy with just a mask on. I have told him for all these years how much fun it was to make the costume and wear it on this great pumpkin night. He doesn't get it and I am wondering if it is a Girl thing. I made his costumes when he was younger and he always won pizes for them. One year he was a werewolf and I think I used too much superglue on his face for the hair, particularly near his hair line. He was not very happy when it came time to take off the hair. Needless to say, he went to school for a few days with sideburns.

Tonight he might dress up like a girl, I told him I had some skinny clothes that he can borrow and I can do their makeup. That would be cute. I dont think that I am going to do the block party thing tonight, I want to stay inside (its cold out) brrrr.

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