My 25 things

Twenty five things that make me really happy
1) getting my new People Magazine in the mail, untorn
2) Hubby going out of town
3) Waking up on Saturday monring early and without a hangover
4) Hazelnut Coffee
5) Weekends of free pay channels
6) Finishing a good book
7) Jamming on the stereo on the way home from work
8) Getting to go to the grocery by myself
9) Leftover lasagna
10) The smell of the beach
11) Having clean sheets on the bed on Sunday mornings
12) When my dog loves me
13) Taking a framable picture
14) Girls night out
15) winning, at anything
16) a really clean house
17) finding 20 bucks in the washer/dryer and not telling anyone
18) birthday cake in the fridge
19) the smell of oranges and cinnamon
20) boxes from Amazon on my porch
21) birthday gifts
22) having closets and drawers organized
23) grilled cheese and tomato soup
25) knowing that i am liked and loved

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