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I took Bryant to work this morning, he is helping a friend with his new house. so I jumped out of bed and threw tennies on. dropped him off and on my way back home, i was behind a white truck, that was not slowing down for a red light, i was talking to Brian on the phone and i said omg he is going to go through the red light and BAM the white truck hits a nice black car and should have flipped over, but drove on two wheels for a fwe seconds before coming back down on all four tires. She must have been going faster than the speed limit. SO all this happens, I hang up with Brian park on the side and get out of my car since no one else was frigging idiots... and then i see that i am wearing my jammies with no bra.. wonderful omg!!!! Cant think of myself. I go over to the lady of the black car and she is shaking, she is fine... she just got the new car last week, and i told her i saw everything and the other driver ran the red light and I was right behind her. VDOT got out of their trucks and went to the other driver, omg she could have hit that big orange truck cuz they said when they saw her coming, they stopped. SO now I am talking to the VDOT people with jammes and no bra...Cops come, they take down my information, information from the lady with jammies and no bra on, and they were hot men omg!! The blck lady opens her back door nad omg there is a little boy in there, thank the lord he was ok. He was in a 5 point car seat, around 2 and he was very calm. The lady is calling her mom, crying. Telling me her new car is all over telegraph road. So the the firetrucks with more hot men showup to see the lady with her jammies on and no bra. that was it. I wished the lady well told her that the police have my information and good luck. As i was walking back to my car, im holding my front so my boobs dont jiggle LOL, then the ambulance shows up.Moral of the story, when you see an accident and three cars have not stopped, just stop to make sure everyone is ok, don't be afraid that they are dead or dying, your adrenaline will kick in and take over (flight or fight). When we lived in Sicily and being military you had to stop if there was not three cars on the side of the road already. If you didnt, you can risk losing your driving priveledges. I would want them to stop for me ya know. Anyways - I have a bra on and will keep one in my car for emergencies

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