Today's word is M...

I stayed home today so that I could cook Stuffed Shells for 100 people tomorrow night. I have been up for 4 hours. Have I accomplished this? Well, I made it to the grocery store, bought said items, and came home, put items away and have been sitting in front of laptop and watching The Today show. The lady that sings the toes and wrinkles her nose song is on. Great fun happy song. I would love to be holding babies while this song was plaing and smelling their wonderful bodies.

Anyways.. yea too much coffee today, can you tell? Hubinator has a golf tournament for Make a Wish today so I have the entire house to myself. Of course I am not telling anyone that I took the day off. My secret, and of course any one who reads this.

Bryant had to sit out his first football game last night. He failed a biology test. Plain and simple. He failed. The entire ride home he had to tell me that it wasnt his fault. Finally I pulled to the side of the road and just let him have it. He is 14 years old and needs to start accepting responsibilty for his actions and needs to realize when he can be lazy and when he needs to put his ears between a text book. Doesn't matter if you think your teacher doesn't like you. What are you going to do when your boss doesn't like you, (By the way that didnt work becasue in the world of Bryant, Bryant would just quit his job and start his own business). Needless to say when he got home we made flash cards and did repeatitive word games to help him learn that Mitrocondria is what turns food into energy (I used a muscle for comparision since they both start with the letter M). He was better and he even told the hubinator right away instead of trying to hide it. Good for him.

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