My son turns 15 today

Today he turned 15. The last year before he starts driving, the last year before he goes to work, and probably the last year that I can have a say in what he wears. The only thing that I complain about it the low pants which promptly gets fixed when I am around. Today he starts to realize that what he does now impacts his entire life. Did you hear about those 4 14 year old that stole the car and killed a 18 year old by running over him/her?? I do not want that to be my son. Today he realized that he is going to be a man and any day now he could be a father. (OMG!)Today I reflected on how he was born, the many hours I was in labor (18 hours),HARD back labor. Got to love it. I remember this one girl who came with me and she was so scared that she hid behind a chair in the room. I wonder if she has had any kids. Leslie was her name. I remember Bryant having the biggest brown eyes when he was born and I remember how perfect his complexion was, not a single red spot or pimple on his face, and to this day he does not know what acne is. I remember his first day of school, with Mrs Johnson and how no matter how much he tired her out, she taught him to read. She taught him to love school. She taught me how to get rid of LICE OMG!! (tea Tree oil by the way) I remember his first time riding a bike, skateboard, swimming and skiing. He never had to be taught, he just got on it and started to do it. That was exciting. Today I thought about what type of dad he is going to be. I can kinda tell from how he treats the animals and how he treats me. I think that he is going to be a good dad, very attentive and always wanting to be a part of it. I also know that he is going to need a night out with the boys, he like to relax. I told him I want four kids. He told me that he would have three as long as he can make enough money so the mom can stay home until she wanted to go to work. He remembers me and my mom staying home to take care of him when he was younger. I think that made a big impact on his upbringing. Today I pray that he will be a good person and think of others. I pray that he will be successful and know how to survive.Today I pray.

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