Unfinished life lessons

With the Christmas season here, I was hoping that my son would learn to be a bit less selfish. I is all about what he wants. Odd because I never raised him to be like this, but he is rebelling I guess. I told him that some things we are not going to buy him only because he needs to get a job and earn the money to by the things he wants and learn how to save instead of blowing it all when he goes out on Friday nights to Kingstowne. I am of course assuming that he isn’t doing anything bad with the money, he never asks for more than 20 bucks at a time and most of the time it would be a Friday night so he could go to the movies and hang out. He has mentioned getting a job but I told him that his grades come first and he needs to bring up his biology grade. He blames the teacher hating him ,and instead of sticking up for him, I tell him that there are going to bepeople that he doesn’t get along with his entire life so he mind as well get used to it now, and learn how to adapt. He gets all pissy and says very mean things. I don’t know how to approach this without turning into the bad person because he really isn’t going to realize this until he has a job and his boss is an arse, and he has to work with him.

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