I dont understand how these kids can do this. I remember babysitting at this age and yes i remember how the kids got on my nerves and knowing that I was too young to be doing this by myself, but I still would have never hurt anyone. My son was babysitting for awhile until the neighbors moved away and i wont let him do it anymore just because I cant be close by to help him if the need ever rose. I just dont understand how it is "ok" to beat a child with a baseball bat. I am also at odds if the parents should be charged, I mean wouldnt they know if their son had little patience and did not like to be bothered at certain times? I know when I babysat no one cared if I had patience or not because I was used so that my mother and her friends could go out drinking and get messed up. I swore I would never do that to my son, and I have kept my promise to him.

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