Remember when?

Remember when...

He started laughing at his own jokes
You started laughing at his jokes
He would wear your high heels around the house
He would snuggle right next to you
He wouldn't mind if you sat in the bathroom as he took a bath
He took a bath
He would put worms in his pockets only to find them dead when he got home
He loved the storied you told
He would hold your hand
He would just come up to you hold your face in his hands and kiss you
He would say "Mommy, I love you"
He would splash in puddles
He thought that you were awesome
He would be excited when you picked him up from school
He would stand in his crib and yell for mommy, mommy, mommy
He thought you had all of the answers
He started having conversations with you
He wanted to sleep in your bed
The first time he choked on a tortilla chip
The first time he had an uncontrollable fever
When he got the chicken pox and you couldnt go anywhere with him
When he thought girls were yuckie
When he was scared of the Vug under the rug

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