My Hero,My Packrat

I love days like this. I went home early because my stomach was killing me and I was in bed when B got home. He came upstairs asked me how I was and then asked if I finished the wash. I was pissed, why the hell am I going to worry about doing the wash when I am ready to barf out the window??? I didn’t say anything just moaned a bit, knowing that I was going to have to get up soon and start being a mother and a wife again.
I go downstairs to see what he is doing and he is folding the wash and put the load in the dryer for me. He didn’t complain, bitch or whine. That is my man and I hope he remembers that for when his wife is sick. That is if he ever gets married. He doesn’t want to get married until he can afford it, which in teenage man brain it means, “until I don’t want to party anymore”!

He has been stressing a bit with the homework, had two projects due today. He was finishing the one up last night and was looking through his notebook for his work cited worksheet. Everything was on his floor and me the typical mother screams out, “OMG the cat just pissed all over your papers!” You should have seen his face. Actually I wanted to yell out in a non motherly voice, "ya know if you were more organized you would be able to find it". I did say that soon after and I got the typical teenage, "I like it like that, helps me find things." Five minutes later, I say the, “I really hate to say this but, you would not be looking for it right now if it was organized.” Yes, I am asking to have my head explode (Big Bang Theory) but I just HAD to sound like my mother, although it sounds better coming from me…

He found the paper…

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