So what has the Boy been up to lately? Since school has ending on Friday and there have been good grades all around he has not moved from his bedroom. He has eithe rbeen in front of WOW or playing XBOX. This of course is not true. I demand that he has conversations with other people that does not require a headset and a excellent connection to the internet, so he had to work at the moose on Friday. He made lots of money and was ready to collapse. Since it was the grand opening of the new part of the building, he had a friend come up to help him and then I was also helping, we were slammed. Both the boys walked away with about 110 bucks a piece. They didn't even offer to give me anything, but the next morning they were both up at 630 to help an older lady with her yard sale and they stayed there all day. He is going to start his construction job tomorrow so that will also keep him busy. He is trying to save up money to buy his car this year. OMG he is growing up.

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