Boy driver on the road... I think not

He went for his drivers test in Virginia. WITHOUT looking at the manual. I did not take him, I figure that the man child could take him and they could do man child stuff in the car if Bryant would have passed the test.


He gets home... Mom, I missed 6... Anotherwords, I say.. you failed. No I am not too politically correct when he does not study for a test, he deserves what he gets. So we went over the questions that he had missed and I knew the answers as soon as he asked the question. I told him some of the answers will come as common sense when you start paying attention when you are driving with someone instead of living in your own world. He needs to start watching.

Anyways other than that things have been non eventful. We both have been working and tryingt o kee afloat with the chores at home and trying to find something good on the tele, we watched the mole last night, nbot sure if I like it this season. I am trying to figure out what happened to Amazing race.

I meet with Bryant's counselor for next year, sometime in August, will have to call for an appointment.

Just a quick update, nothing earth shattering to report!

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