Such the busy life we lead

I am taking Mr B to get his drivers permit this week, he failed the test the first time, and now he gets to take it again and he is starting to quiz himself and also trying to get me to give a wrong answer. OMG and I did!!! I am so not telling which question I missed, and I do not plan on changing my rules of this practice and the book just does not make any sense. Welcome to Virginia right??

Friday night he worked at the lodge while I talked with the girls and I only had 2 beers and then water the rest of the night, I had to get up early to go to New Market for golfing. Mr B decided at the last minute to stay home, but he kept the dog for me.

I also told him that we are going to the bank this week and getting him a checking account. He needs to learn to budget his money and I know he would have more to save if he would deposit it. So I need a bank within walking distance, and also that provides online access so I can keep track of it. We also started talking about interesting and reporting it to the government (he asked) and then I started to explain CD's and he thought I was talking music. This was funny. I explained to him that CD's are often better than some of the alternatives and when he goes to college and gets lump sums, budget the money and then stick the rest in a 6 month CD. I will have to get some literature of this to him. It is never too early.

We also put together a chores list. I am sure he is going to have roommates since he wants to move out of the house so fast adn I want him to be able to keep a clean house. He had to pick two days to cook, sunday being one of them and he is excited for the most part but since he picks days for the chores I also had to explain to him that if it is dirty then just take it out then, without waiting for the day to arrive. There is nothing magical about this day so he should just do it when he sees it.

We tried that pasta from pizza hut.. well he tried it. I had one piece of pizza and I was done, way too greasy..

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  1. Bishop's7/31/2008

    Getting started early is awesome! I learn so much from you!