We are going to Richmond for the weekend. Have a convention to go to. Bryant and his friend are also coming, last time that they went with us, they both hooked up with girls, hooking up meaning talking to them, and I am thinking that they are going to be there this time becuase both of the boys are admant about going. They even went to the store to buy snacks and things. Interesting if you ask me. i am still hounding Bryant about getting some sort of job to help with his end of the bargain, he wont be working this friday so he wont have any money next week. He is so not going to be bumming off of me.

Anyways, things are starting to fall into place with the new house. I am getting accustomed to it and finally starting to fall asleep before midnight, which is great and I have not had to take a sleeping pill for a few days. I am glad.

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