Holiday spirit

I need to get Bryant into the holiday spirit. He doesn't want to do anything for the holidays! I do have a feeling that it has something to do with our budget and how I am scrimping for the holidays. I have put money aside for him, so I keep asking him what he wants for Christmas and all I get is nothing is fine. UGH!!! Times like this is when his selflessness comes out and I am truely glad he has that fine quality and I guess I can say he brings it at the right time. I remember when Bryant was little I would go all out on decorations and make sure that the house was a prime example of going overboard and having a christmas house. I would make sure that all of the decorations that he made at school were hung all over the house and we would unlink one link a day on his christmas chain. I had an advent calendar which was a house with doors for each day and I would have candy in them or a small trinket. He thought that was the neatest thing. I also has a Santa Claus that I would take and put in the house, and each night I would put it in a seperate place, so that Bryant would wake up each day looking for it... it was fun..

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  1. We do the advent calendar and it is fun.