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Plain and simple, it is cold outside. For the first time, I wore a jacket last night! Bryant is starting his weekend off pretty well, he went to Culpepper to play in a pool tournament with Brian. Hope that he does well. He has been playing pool since he was 13 and it is really starting to show. I cannot wait till he wants to be in a league. He might make me some money after all LOL.
I have Daisy the Dog this weekend. She is lounging on the couch and I am wondering why she thinks that she can eat everything that I am eating. As I was typing this sentence I looked around to give my dog a loving glance, then I noticed that she was not on the couch, under my feet or behind me.. OMG I left her outside. I ran to the back door thinking that she might be gone cuz she was not scratching at the door. She was out by the fence looking at something?? But she came in and starting eating the cats food.

Alrighty. time to go christmas shopping.

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